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| 350 || OpenSystemApplicationProxy || Returns an [[#IApplicationProxy]].
| 400 || CreateSelfLibraryAppletCreatorForDevelop || Returns Takes a PID and an input u64 pid_placeholder, returns an [[#ILibraryAppletCreator]].
| 410 || [6.0.0+] GetSystemAppletControllerForDebug || Returns No input, returns an [[#ISystemAppletControllerForDebug]].
| 1000 || [6.0.0+] GetDebugFunctions || Returns No input, returns an [[#IDebugFunctions]].
All of these Open*Proxy commands except [[#OpenLibraryAppletProxy]] take the same input as [[#OpenApplicationProxy]], with the same user-process retry-loop as [[#OpenApplicationProxy]]. These Open*Proxy commands (including appletOE) doesn't seem to usable from processes which aren't actual applets (such as sysmodules), at least for applet-types which aren't already in use.
This service is used by all system non-regular-applications.

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