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This is the applet presented when launching a game that allows the user to select a user.

See AM_services#Library_Applets. The profile selector expects a two IStorage inputs and a single IStorage output.


This has size 0xA0 and seems to only affect the UI display. Typical value is all zero with byte 0x96 equal to 0x01. Setting the first byte to 1 will make the applet display in order to create a new user.


This is 0x18-bytes.

Offset Size Notes
0x0 0x8 Result (0 = Success, 2 = Failure)
0x8 0x10 UUID of selected user


User-processes should push a common arguments struct and the typical UserSelectionConfig struct as well. After pushing in the data and calling start, user-processes should wait upon the PopOutDataEvent and then pop a single IStorage to obtain the result structure described above.