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This is "nn::pl::detail::ISharedFontManager".

Cmd Name
0 #RequestLoad
1 #GetLoadState
2 #GetSize
3 #GetSharedMemoryAddressOffset
4 #GetSharedMemoryNativeHandle
5 #GetSharedFontInOrderOfPriority


Takes a #SharedFontType (uint32), no output.


Takes a #SharedFontType (uint32), returns the #LoadState (uint32).


Value Description
0x00 Loading
0x01 Loaded


Takes a #SharedFontType (uint32), returns the Font Size (uint32).


Takes a #SharedFontType (uint32), returns the offset (uint32) to the Font Address.


No input, returns an output SharedMemory handle.

User-processes map this SharedMemory with size=0x1100000 and permissions=R--.

Font data is TTF, located at the offset returned by #GetSharedMemoryAddressOffset.


Takes an input u64 LanguageCode and 3 type-0x6 output buffers, returns an output u8 and u32. The u8 is a bool to specify if the fonts are loaded or not and the u32 is the font count. The first buffer contains a list of Shared font types, the second buffer contains the font offsets and the final buffer contains the font sizes. The buffers are an array of u32s which specify information about a specific font. Buffer1[n] is related to Buffer2[n] and Buffer3[n]. Example: Font index 0s offset is at Buffer2[0], size is at Buffer3[0]. The fonts are relative to the shared memory created by #GetSharedMemoryNativeHandle


Value Description
0x00 Japan, US and Europe (Standard)
0x01 Chinese Simplified
0x02 Extended Chinese Simplified
0x03 Chinese Traditional
0x04 Korean (Hangul)
0x05 Nintendo Extended
  • Nintendo Extended: Contains Nintendo-specific characters, including HID buttons, HID controller styles, applet icons, Wii(U) icons, etc.

mii:u, mii:e

This is "nn::mii::detail::IStaticService".

Cmd Name
0 GetDatabaseService


This is "nn::mii::detail::IDatabaseService".

Cmd Name
0 IsUpdated
1 IsFullDatabase
2 GetCount
3 Get
4 Get1
5 UpdateLatest
6 BuildRandom
7 BuildDefault
8 Get2
9 Get3
10 UpdateLatest1
11 FindIndex
12 Move
13 AddOrReplace
14 Delete
15 DestroyFile
16 DeleteFile
17 Format
18 Import
19 Export
20 IsBrokenDatabaseWithClearFlag
21 GetIndex
22 [5.0.0+] SetInterfaceVersion
23 [5.0.0+] Convert


This is "nn::mii::detail::IImageDatabaseService".

Cmd Name
0 Initialize
10 Reload
11 GetCount
12 IsEmpty
13 IsFull
14 GetAttribute
15 LoadImage
16 AddOrUpdateImage
17 DeleteImages
100 DeleteFile
101 DestroyFile
102 ImportFile
103 ExportFile
104 ForceInitialize