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This is "nn::arp::detail::IReader".

Cmd Name
0 GetApplicationLaunchProperty
1 GetApplicationLaunchPropertyWithApplicationId
2 GetApplicationControlProperty
3 GetApplicationControlPropertyWithApplicationId


Takes in a title id and a type-0x16 buffer. This is filled with the contents of control.nacp for that application.


This is "nn::arp::detail::IWriter".

Cmd Name
0 AcquireRegistrar
1 DeleteProperties


This is "nn::arp::detail::IRegistrar".

Cmd Name
0 Issue
1 SetApplicationLaunchProperty
2 SetApplicationControlProperty

Launch Property Format

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x8 Title ID
0x8 0x4 Version
0xC 0x1 Base Game Storage ID
0xD 0x1 Update Storage ID
0xE 0x2 Padding