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This is "nn::lbl::detail::ILblController".

Cmd Name
0 SaveCurrentSetting
1 LoadCurrentSetting
2 SetCurrentBrightnessSetting
3 GetCurrentBrightnessSetting
4 ApplyCurrentBrightnessSettingToBacklight
5 GetBrightnessSettingAppliedToBacklight
6 SwitchBacklightOn
7 SwitchBacklightOff
8 GetBacklightSwitchStatus
9 EnableDimming
10 DisableDimming
11 IsDimmingEnabled
12 EnableAutoBrightnessControl
13 DisableAutoBrightnessControl
14 IsAutoBrightnessControlEnabled
15 SetAmbientLightSensorValue
16 #GetAmbientLightSensorValue
17 SetBrightnessReflectionDelayLevel
18 GetBrightnessReflectionDelayLevel
19 SetCurrentBrightnessMapping
20 GetCurrentBrightnessMapping
21 SetCurrentAmbientLightSensorMapping
22 GetCurrentAmbientLightSensorMapping
23 [3.0.0+] IsAmbientLightSensorAvailable
24 [3.0.0+] SetCurrentBrightnessSettingForVrMode
25 [3.0.0+] GetCurrentBrightnessSettingForVrMode
26 [3.0.0+] #EnableVrMode
27 [3.0.0+] #DisableVrMode
28 [3.0.0+] #IsVrModeEnabled
29 [7.0.0+]

Ambient Light Sensor Notes

The BH1730 outputs 2 values. Visible light and IR light. This is then calculated through an algorithm that checks for Gain, Measurement time, filter qualities and ouputs lux (max correct measurement of 100K lux). The default values are Gain 64x and ITIME of 38 (256 - 218). This allows for a max lux value of 17972 lux when visible light value is maximum and IR light is 0. When both of them are on their limit, the output is 1192 lux. The sensor is fully configurable.


No input. Before 5.x, outputs lux in float. (5.0.0+) Returns an output struct:

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 bOverLimit. (u32) Equals to 1 if visible or IR light data is over 65534.
0x4 0x4 fLux. (float) Value in lux from the ambient light sensor.

Note: if bOverLimit=1 and the default ALS configuration is used, the measurement of fLux should not be considered and the actual max value depends on the type of light. Ranges from 12.5K - 17.5K.


No input. Returns an output u32 int of the current backlight level.


No input. Returns an output u32 int of the backlight level computed from the ambient light sensor.


No input. Returns an output u8 bool indicating whether auto brightness is enabled.


No input/output. Used by AM_services#SetVrModeEnabled.

Sets a global state field to 0x1.


No input/output. Used by AM_services#SetVrModeEnabled.

Sets the global state field used by #EnableVrMode to 0x0.


No input. Returns an output u8 bool set by the above commands.