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==== InitializeApplicationCopyrightFrameBuffer ====
Takes an input TransferMemory handle, an u32 s32 '''width''', an u32 s32 '''height''', an u64 tmem_size, and no output.
tmem_size must be 0x40000-byte aligned. '''width''' must be 1-1280, and '''height''' must be 1-720.
User-processes create the tmem with an user-specified buffer with permissions=0. '''width''' = 1280 and '''height''' = 720.
This is used as an overlay for screenshots.
==== SetApplicationCopyrightImage ====
Takes a type-0x45 input buffer , an s32 '''x''', an s32 '''y''', an s32 '''width''', an s32 '''height''', and 5 input s32s, no output.
The last s32 is "nn::oe::WindowOriginMode". This should be at least 1.
The first two s32s '''x''' and '''y''' must not have the negative bit set, . '''width''' and the following two s32s '''height''' must not be <1. Sets the RGBA8 image for use with [[#InitializeApplicationCopyrightFrameBuffer]].
==== SetApplicationCopyrightVisibility ====
Takes an input u8 bool, no output.
Sets the visibility for the image set by [[#SetApplicationCopyrightImage]], in screenshots. By default it's visible.
==== QueryApplicationPlayStatistics ====

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