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PSC (Power State Control) provides services related to power state changes in the system.


psc:m allows a process to register a module that depends on power management in some way. A client calls GetPmModule to receive an IPmModule (Power Managed Module), and then calls IPmModule->Initialize(module_id, module_dependency_list) where module_id is the ModuleId enum member for the client, and the dependency list is an array of module IDs for the modules that this depends on. Initialize() returns an event handle that the client can wait on to be notified of a power state change.

psc:c allows a module to the power state controller for the system (in practice, AM is the only client to the controller). IPmControl->DispatchRequest() is used notify all IPmModules of a state change.

For example, FS registers itself as an IPmModule with dependencies on pinmux, gpio, pcv, tma, and initializes the SD card once those dependencies have registered..

It then does (basically) the following pseudocode (actual code located at .text + 0xB2DB0 in 6.0.0 FS):

   while (true) {
       switch (state) {
           case WakingUp:
               /* hardware devices are woken up here */
           case GoingToSleep:
               /* hardware devices are put to sleep here */
           case ShuttingDown:
               /* hardware devices are turned off here */


This is "nn::psc::sf::IPmControl".

Cmd Name
0 Initialize
1 DispatchRequest
2 GetResult
3 GetState
4 Cancel
5 PrintModuleInformation
6 GetModuleInformation


This is "nn::psc::sf::IPmService".

Cmd Name Notes
0 GetPmModule Returns an #IPmModule.


This is "nn::psc::sf::IPmModule".

Cmd Name
0 Initialize
1 GetRequest
2 Acknowledge
3 Finalize
4 [5.1.0+] AcknowledgeEx

srepo:u, srepo:a

These are "nn::srepo::detail::ipc::ISrepoService".

Cmd Name
10101 [6.0.0+]
10200 [6.0.0+]
10201 [6.0.0+]
11000 [6.0.0+]
11001 [6.0.0+]
11002 [6.0.0+]
11003 [6.0.0+]
11004 [6.0.0+]
11100 [6.0.0+]
11200 [6.0.0+]
11300 [6.0.0+]
11400 [6.0.0+]
11500 [6.0.0+]
11600 [6.0.0+]
11601 [6.0.0+]
11602 [6.0.0+]
11700 [6.0.0+]
11800 [6.0.0+]
11801 [6.0.0+]
20300 [6.0.0+]
20400 [6.0.0+]
20401 [6.0.0+]
20402 [7.0.0+]

PSC Module IDs

ID Module
0x04 USB
0x07 Pcv
0x08 Pcv:Imm
0x09 Gpio
0x0A Pinmux
0x0B Uart
0x0C I2c
0x0D I2c:Pcv
0x0F Pwn
0x13 PCIe
0x14 Backlight
0x15 Nvnflinger
0x1C Audio
0x1F Bluetooth
0x20 Bpc
0x21 Ptm
0x23 nn::psc::PmModuleId_Nfc
0x24 Ppc
0x26 Nifm
0x28 Npns
0x29 nn::psc::PmModuleId_Lm
0x2A Bcat
0x2B Time
0x2C Pctl
0x2D Erpt
0x2E Eupld
0x2F Friend
0x30 Glue
0x31 Account
0x32 SasBus
0x65 NV

Power Management States

ID Name Description
Awake 0 Everything is awake.
ReadyAwaken 1 Preparing to transition to awake.
ReadySleep 2 Preparing to transition to sleep.
ReadySleepCritical 3 Critical services are ready to sleep.
ReadyAwakenCritical 4 Critical services are ready to wake up.
ReadyShutdown 5 Preparing to transition to shutdown.