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==System Titles==
All 01000000000010XX titles and most 01000000000008XX titles were updated. Most (?) Some 8XX titles were just rebuilt with the new NCA cryptowithout actual RomFS-content changes.
* 0100000000000824(Mariko Config), 0100000000000825, 0100000000000826 were added.
** 0100000000000826 contains a 0x40-byte "/version" file, this is all-zero except for '0' at offset 0x20.
The only 8XX titles with actual changes are (besides sysver-title, see below for FIRM):* 818 (System-config)
* 801 (Support Error Codes)
* 803 (web-applet "shareddata:/")
* 806 (Bad words)
* 807 ([[Hotspot List]])
** This was updated with more hotspots(these networks use encryption): "nintendoappdebug1", "Nintendo App Debug2", "Nintendo App Debug3", and "NCL-NZSERVICE1-5GHZ".* 80A (Chara)* 80B (Offline news)* 80E (Geo Zoneinfo)* 810-814 (All fonts)* 818 (System-config)* 81E* 81F (Icosa system config)* 820 (Copper system config)* 821 (Hoag system config)* 822 (Firmware binaries for peripherals)** The following was updated: "FirmwareInfo.csv", "tera_ota.bin", "tera_ota_iap.bin", and "ukyosakyo_ep2_ota.bin".* 823
The built codebins now have padding in .text after every function for 0x10-byte alignment.
Everything All FIRM titles were updated, and everything under RomFS was updated.
A new folder "a" was added, in addition to the existing "nx" folder, containing a separate "bct" and "package1". Both of these seem encrypted/meant for the new "Mariko" hardware that support was added for.

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