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The Switch 11.0.1 system update was released on December 11, 2020 (UTC). This Switch update was released for the following regions: ALL, and CHN.

Additionally, a rebootless system update was released revising the "NgWord" list for 11.0.1 on March 9, 2021 (UTC).

Security flaws fixed: <fill this in manually later, see the updatedetails page from the ninupdates-report page(s) once available for now>.


Official ALL change-log:

  • Corrections for the following problems that occurred with system update version 11.0.0:
  • Corrected a problem where some games couldn't be played correctly.
  • Corrected a problem where, in combination with some TVs, the image would not be displayed in TV mode and an error occurred.
  • Corrected a problem which changed how the Control Stick and the C Stick on the Nintendo GameCube controller responded.

System Titles

The following was updated: SystemVersion, hid, vi, BootImagePackages.

There was no IPC changes.


Exactly 1 function was updated, nothing else changed. The codebin is identical to the previous version besides this function and the build-id - the function following this one is at the same offset as before.


"package2" in RomFS was updated.


The kernel was updated.

  • The new thread linked list pointer member in KSynchronizationObject (added in 11.0.0) is now two pointers; it is now a head/tail sentinel pair instead of just a head pointer.
    • KSynchronizationObject::Wait now updates both pointers accordingly.
  • Only other changes are due to KSynchronizationObject (and derivations) increasing in size by 8 bytes.

FIRM Sysmodules

No FIRM sysmodules were updated.

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