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The Switch 13.1.0 system update was released on October 26, 2021 (UTC). This Switch update was released for the following regions: ALL, and CHN.

Security flaws fixed: <fill this in manually later, see the updatedetails page from the ninupdates-report page(s) once available for now>.


Official ALL change-log:

  • Added support for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.

System Titles

  • The following sysmodules were updated: bluetooth, bcat, nifm, bsdsocket, hid, ldn, nvservices, account, ns, am, nim, btm, erpt, es, olsc.
  • The following SystemData were updated: ErrorMessage, BrowserDll, Help, LocalNews, FirmwareDebugSettings, BootImagePackages, ControllerIcon, ControllerFirmware, SystemVersion/RebootlessSystemUpdateVersion.
  • The following applets were updated: qlaunch, playerSelect, web-applets, overlayDisp, photoViewer, myPage.

The following sysmodules had IPC changes: bcat, ldn, account, ns, nim, btm, es, olsc.

NPDM changes:

  • bcat: Access to ovln:snd and sprof:sp were added.
  • olsc: Access to mnpp:sys was added, see Services_API for the service-host change.
  • qlaunch: Access to mnpp:sys and spbg:sp were added.
  • LibAppletLns: Access to caps:ss and mnpp:web were added.

RomFs changes:

  • ErrorMessage: updated
  • BrowserDll: Updated "/browser/MediaControlsInline.js", "/buildinfo/buildinfo.dat", localization data under "/message/". Updated the NROs under "/nro/netfront/core_0/" and /nro/netfront/core_1/".
  • Help: Updated "/legallines.htdocs/index.html" and "/safe.htdocs/html/CNzh/index.html".
  • LocalNews: Updated "/message/CNzh/localNews.msbt.szs" and "/message/revision.txt".
  • FirmwareDebugSettings: updated
  • ControllerIcon: Updated "/lyt/footer/800/controllerIcon.bntx" and "/lyt/footer/800/info.dat".
  • ControllerFirmware: Updated "/TouchScreenFirmwareInfo.csv". Added "/FTS_50000001.ftb" and removed "/FTS_98000004.ftb".
  • Applets: Updated various UI data (and for web-applets, updated "/buildinfo/buildinfo.dat" and "/.nrr/modules.nrr").


Package2 in RomFS were updated.


  • SDK version bump from to
  • KSchedulerLock::Unlock now performs a data memory barrier (inner shareable) before performing scheduling.
  • KScheduler::Scheduler now performs a data memory barrier before returning, when the next thread is the current thread.
    • These changes probably go together, to prevent asynchronous reordering of these operations across cores.


Error handling (or minor other changes) in various bt-audio funcs were updated.

The func for the "nn.bluetooth.HidMessageHandler" thread was updated.

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