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The Switch 10.1.0 system update was released on July 14, 2020 (UTC). This Switch update was released for the following regions: ALL.

Security flaws fixed: yes.


Official ALL change-log:

  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.

System Titles

NPDM changes: version was updated. The Handle Table Size for npns was changed from 100 to 128.

The only sysmodules with IPC changes were: settings, am, nim, olsc.

The sysmodules are built with the updated SDK, even though the sdkver wasn't changed.

RomFs changes (besides SystemVersion/RebootlessSystemUpdateVersion):

  • CertStore: "/ssl_CaFingerprints.bdf" and "/ssl_TrustedCerts.bdf" were updated.
  • ErrorMessage: New errors were added.
  • SsidList: "/ssid_list.csv" was updated.
  • FirmwareDebugSettings: "/file" was updated.
  • BootImagePackages: Only change was for updating package2.
  • FatalMessage: Added "/pt-BR/".
  • ControllerFirmware: "/FirmwareInfo.csv" and "/ukyosakyo_ep2_ota.bin" were updated.
  • qlaunch: "/lyt/Set.szs", "/message/{language}/qlaunch.msbt.szs", "/message/{language}/setting.msbt.szs" were updated.
  • controller: "/lyt/Controller.szs", "/message/Ocean.msbp.szs", "/message/USen/controller.msbt.szs", "/message/USes/controller.msbt.szs", "/message/USfr/controller.msbt.szs" were updated.
  • swkbd: "/message/Ocean.msbp.szs" was updated.
  • myPage: "/lyt/MyPage.szs", "/lyt/Set.szs", "/message/{language}/myPage.msbt.szs", "/message/{language}/setting.msbt.szs", "/message/Ocean.msbp.szs", "/sound/myPage_action.bksnd" were updated.


All hidsys ButtonConfig cmds which use an input s32 were updated, the s32 is now validated.

Various other funcs were also updated.


Two funcs changed:

  • First func: This will no longer Abort when StopInquiry fails, the Result is now ignored. Added a call to the below func with arg=8 which is used in some cases, Aborting on fail.
  • Second func: Two func calls were removed. A func call was added, for setting a bool flag to false with mutex-locking.


Various olsc service cmd usage was updated, for using different cmds instead of the previously used cmds, and a new func call which uses an additional cmd was added.

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