Super Mario Party

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The below documents changes for game-updates.



  • main: updated
  • NPDM: Usual update, and also (due to SDK update): svcSynchronizePreemptionState is now accessible. Services caps:u, ngct:u, nim:eca, notif:a are now accessible.
  • rtld, sdk, subsdk0, subsdk1: updated

RomFs: {...}

The NintendoSDK*/NintendoWare* versions were updated from v4.5.0 to v9.4.0 (v9.4.99 for NintendoWare*). NEX* was updated from v4.4.2 to v4.6.3. Pia* was updated from v5.9.2 to v5.26.3.

The following SDK tags were added: "PiaReckoning", "PiaNex-5_26_3-forNEX-4_6_3".