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* Kernel stacks are now allocated with a slabheap.
* While KHeapArrange was changed. On 1.0.0 had two it held address/size for three pools with size 0("base", "application", now "system") and application/system were zero-sized/unused. Now it uses all threeholds "pool management", "secure", "non-secure". The last one size is calculated dynamically to fit all the built-in sysmodules, Pool management and it's secure are now protected by the kernel carveout.** Secure pool size is dynamically calculated as size of all kips (including stacks) + 24 MB (FS sysmodule heap) + 1 MB (spare pages for e.g. IPC buffer usage).** If only one KIP is present, all memory goes to secure pool and non-secure pool does not exist.

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