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| 0x00 || 0x0A || Not set by sdksno, besides clearing it during initialization.
| 0x0A || 0xE(7*2) || Array of 7 entries where each entry is 2-bytes. Index is <code>nn::time::DayOfWeek</code>, Sun-Sat.
Array entries:
Each byte is set using an input s32. An entry with value 0xFFFF (the default) indicates that it's disabled. The high byte is the hour, the low byte is the minute. This uses local-time.
sdknso checks whether an entry is enabled with: <code>return ({last 5-bits of the entry} < 3) && ((entry & 0xfc) < 60);</code>. The first check is equivalent to comparing the second entry byte with value 24.

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