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= AlarmSetting =
This is "nn::notification::AlarmSetting". Total size is 0x40 bytes. When initializing this to the defaults, the entire struct is cleared then the last 0xE-bytes are set to 0xFF.
{| class="wikitable" border="1"
| 0x28
| 0x080x18
| Alarm schedule
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! Offset! Size! Description| 0x30-| 0x080x00 || 0x0A || Alarm scheduleNot set by sdksno, besides clearing it during initialization.
| 0x380x0A | 0x08| Alarm schedule0xE(7*2) || Array of 7 entries where each entry is 2-bytes. Index is <code>nn::time::DayOfWeek</code>.
Array entries:
Each byte is set using an input s32. An entry with value 0xFFFF (the default) indicates that it's disabled.
sdknso checks whether an entry is enabled with: <code>return ({last 5-bits of the entry} < 3) && ((entry & 0xfc) < 60);</code>. The first check is equivalent to comparing the second entry byte with value 24.

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