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System Data Archives
! Title-id || Versions || Name || Notes
| 0100000000000800 || [[1.0.0|v260]] (<br/> [[3.0.0|v201327002]] (<br/> [[4.0.0|v268435656]] (<br/> [[5.0.0|v335544750]] (<br/> [[5.1.0|v336592976]] (<br/> [[6.0.0|v402653544]] (<br/> [[6.2.0|v404750376]] (<br/> [[7.0.0|v469762248]] (<br/> [[8.0.0|v536871442]] (<br/> [[9.0.0|v603980216]] ( || [[SSL_services#CertStore |CertStore]] || SSL trusted certificates.
| 0100000000000801 || [[1.0.0|v450]] (<br/> [[2.0.0|v65796]] (<br/> [[2.2.0|v196628]] (<br/> [[3.0.0|v201327002]] (<br/> [[3.0.2|v201457684]] (<br/> [[4.0.0|v268435656]] (<br/> [[5.0.0|v335544750]] (<br/> [[5.1.0|v336592976]] (<br/> [[6.0.0|v402653544]] (<br/> [[6.1.0|v403701850]] (<br/> [[6.2.0|v404750376]] (<br/> [[7.0.0|v469762248]] (<br/> [[8.0.0|v536871442]] (<br/> [[8.1.0|v537919608]] (<br/> [[9.0.0|v603980216]] ( || ErrorMessage || Stores the message strings for Support Error Codes. There's "/DatabaseInfo" at FS root, then the rest is stored at "/{first 4 error digits}/{last 4 error digits}/".

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