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→‎FIRM Sysmodules: FS defers SD card das attach starting with 7.x
* PM now sets the maximum number of threads creatable by sysmodules to 0x60 instead of 0x260.
** A [[Process Manager services#EnableAdditionalSystemThreads|new command]] was added to pm:shell to increase this limit once, on retail this doubles the number of threads creatable to 0xC0.
=====[[Filesystem services|FS]]=====
* Device Address Space initialization for nn::sdmmc is now handled differently.
** Previously, the shared SDMMC device address space handle was attached to all devices during global init prior to service registration.
** Now, the handle is attached to specific devices during their relevant DeviceAccessor::Initialize() call, which only happens when the relevant device is ready for access.
* (Many other differences not yet reversed/noted here.)
==System Titles==

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