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* General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.
All files under RomFS were updated.
package1ldr was updated. The TSEC secureboot firmware was not updated.
NX bootloader was updated.
====Secure Monitor====
The Secure Monitor was updated.
* DMA controller configuration now disables AHB-DMA from arbitration.
* The SMC handler now checks a "is SMC allowed" bitmask against configuration set by NX bootloader(This just comes from bits 1-4 of the "attribute" field of the bootloader in BCT).
** Nintendo can now blacklist certain SMCs from certain boot conditions, but since the bitmask is zero for retail firmware (everything is allowed) this isn't particularly meaningful.
* smcGetConfig's "get_memory_configuration_by_bootconfig" implementation changed. It now calls a new function "get_dram_configuration", which returns a configuration value depending on the DRAM ID.
* Code configuring what peripherals to set secure-world only no longer assumes that the code is a retail unit.
** This removes what were presumed to be compile-time ifdefs for retail vs dev added in [[7.0.0]].
* Code responsible for configuring HiZ charger mode has changed a little.
** smcCpuSuspend no longer checks hardware type when deciding whether to go down HiZ mode codepaths.
** wakeup code on warmboot now checks whether HiZ mode is enabled, instead of unconditionally disabling it.
* TSEC no longer has access to the kernel carveout, and TSECB now has access to the kernel carveout.
** The Read/Write access levels were changed from 1 to 9, to facilitate this.
== System Titles ==

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