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→‎FIRM Sysmodules: the more you know
All files under RomFS were updated.
The only KIPs with IPC changes were ====Package1ldr====Since [[Filesystem_services|FS6.2.0]], [[Process_Manager_services|pm]]the following was changed (besides the usual constant changes for new fuse burnt, incremented version, etc):* A function that returns a hardware type now returns 0xF whenever it would previously have returned a non-zero value.** Code validating hardware type has been simplified accordingly.* The function validating the bootloader version by parsing the BCT no longer hardcodes the BCT address as 0x40000100, and instead adds a relative offset to a BCT address specified via argument.* The [[NCM_servicesTSEC Firmware#SecureBoot|NCMSecureBoot TSEC firmware]]was updated to prevent SMMU virtualization attacks.
====FIRM Sysmodules====
All FIRM sysmodules were updated. The only FIRM sysmodules with IPC changes were [[Filesystem_services|FS]], [[Process_Manager_services|pm]], and [[NCM_services|NCM]]. Specific diffs for a few sysmodules are below:
=====[[Process Manager services|PM]]=====
Resource limit initialization was changed:
* PM now sets dynamically calculates the maximum number of extra threads creatable by sysmodules available in the kernel's slab heap compared to 0x60 instead of 0x260the amount it is expecting.** A [[Process Manager services#EnableAdditionalSystemThreadsBoostApplicationThreadResourceLimit|new command]] was added to pm:shell to increase this limit oncemake these extra threads available to applications, on retail this doubles the number of threads creatable to 0xC0. =====[[Filesystem services|FS]]=====* Device Address Space initialization for nn::sdmmc is now handled differently.** Previously, the shared SDMMC device address space handle was attached to all devices during global init prior to service registration.** Now, the handle is attached to specific devices during their relevant DeviceAccessor::Initialize() call, which only happens when the relevant device is ready for access.* (Many other differences not yet reversed/noted here.) =====[[NCM services|NCM]]=====* The ExpHeap used for generic and fs allocations was reduced from 3 MB to 1 MB in size.
==System Titles==
* CAction title: new directory "/table" was added. The new file "/table/431FA316E20941779452DD0EBFA05E0E/ApplicationId" contains string "0x01003a400c3da000" - "YouTube".
* Web-applets were updated. "/whitelist/WhitelistEc.txt" in LibAppletShop was updated: <nowiki>"^https://([0-9A-Za-z\-]+\.)*eshop\.nintendo\.net($|/)" was changed to "^https://([0-9A-Za-z\-]+\.)*nintendo\.net(/|$)"</nowiki>.
* ControllerFirmware: "/ukyosakyo_ep2_ota.bin" and the FirmwareInfo.csv were updated(main firmware for JoyLeft/JoyRight).
* Titles BrowserDll and AvatarImage were updated.
* Both bad-word-list titles were updated.
* glue-sysmodule: now has access to service srepo:u.
* Various applets now have access to service "banana" (which still doesn't exist on retail).
=== [[USB_services|usb-sysmodule]] ===
* New services / commands were added.
* The codebin now has .json data embedded in the codebin for [[USB_services#HidGamepad|HidGamepad]] USB-devices.
=== [[Account_services|account-sysmodule]] ===
* Various .text changes. Besides those:
* The "v4-<hexstr>" URLs were changed to "v5" URLs.
* User-agent was changed to "libcurl (nnDauth; <hex>; SDK".
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