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* Every single system title was updated, except for: 0100000000000805("Chinese and Korean dictionaries"), 0100000000000808("European, English and Japanese dictionaries"), and 010000000000080C("EULA").
* 4 new sysmodules were added, and new FIRM-package title 010000000000081C was added.
* All RTTI symbols were removed, can no longer know official name of kernel objects. :(
* JIT syscalls were added.
** New MemoryType bit for "JIT allowed".
** New MemoryTypes for JitWritable and JitReadOnly.
* New synchronization syscalls 0x34, 0x35 added.
* Added new syscall svcDumpInfoNew, but it's stubbed.
* The linked-list node for KAutoObjects was added to the struct itself instead of being a separate allocation.

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