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==System Titles==
Exactly the following was updated:
* Every sysmodule, probably only re-encrypted using new key material.
* Every web-applet.
* Sysupdate titlelisting-title, browser "shareddata:/", [[System Version Title]], and all FIRM packages.
The creport-sysmodule was All sysmodules were rebuilt: , where the only change was the hashid following the "GNU" string, however some sysmodules have additional changes.* Some sysmodules have strings containing "D:\'''h'''ome\teamcity\work\sdk\Externals\{...}" changed to "D:\'''H'''ome\teamcity\work\sdk\Externals\{...}".* Build timestamp in wlan-sysmodule was updated. Actual updated sysmodules:* nvservices* pcv* account* nim* pctl* npns* eupld The only changes for npns and account: The <nowiki>""</nowiki> URL was changed to <nowiki>"{hex string}/device_auth_token"</nowiki>. The above new URL was added(not replacing any URL in .(ro)data) to nim, + code changes. A "device_auth_token" string in nim was removed
===FIRM packages===

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