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Two new system-data titles were [[Title_list|added]]: 0100000000000822 and 0100000000000823.
=== FIRM ===
All FIRM-package titles were updated, as listed above.
Kernel was updated.
All firm-sysmodules were updated. These also includes the updated rtld.
=== [[NS_Services|NS]]-sysmodule ===
NS-sysmodule was updated, this fixed a vuln in multiple [[Switch_System_Flaws|cmds]].
== Rtld ==
All processes built for 3.0.0 now include an updated rtld.
The used bootloader [[Flash_FilesystemBCT#Keyblobbootloader0_info|keyblobversion]] was changed from index0 1 to index12, this was the first time it was changed.
New keydata was introduced for NCA content, see [[NCA_Format|here]].
Hence, all web-applets for anything Nintendo-account related is rendered unusable on <v3.0. Web-applets not using Nintendo-accounts still work fine.

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