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736 bytes added ,  03:51, 15 September 2021
* All applets were updated, except for: miiEdit and all web-applets.
* SystemData PlatformConfigAula and the SystemData for the Aula dock firmware were added.
NPDM changes (see [[Services_API]] for the hosted service changes):
* bcat: Access to acc:u1 was replaced with acc:e:u2.
* friends, nim, pctl, eclct, sdb, olsc: Access to acc:u1 was replaced with acc:e:u1.
* ptm, bsdsocket, hid, audio, wlan, nvservices, pcv, pcie, psc, safemode: Access to svcMapDeviceAddressSpace was removed.
* hid: Access to rgltr was added.
* audio: Access to btdrv and btm were added.
* ns: Access to acc:e, ndrm:la, and ndrm:lu were added.
* am: Access to mnpp:sys was added.
* btm: Access to ovln:snd was added.
* jit: Access to svcSynchronizePreemptionState was added.
* olsc: Access to sprof:bg and sprof:sp were added.
* playerSelect: Access to bcat:s was added.
* photoViewer: Access to hwopus was removed.
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