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(In Alphabetical Order, Descending)

Acronyms Full Name Notes
AM Applet Manager
APM Applet Profile Manager
BCAT Background Content Asymmetric synchronized delivery and Transmission
BCT Boot Configuration Table
BNVIB Binary NX Vibration
BPC Board Power Control Manager This is related to the PCV Services.
DMA Direct Memory Access
EMMC pinout Embedded Multi-Media Controller pinout
Eupld Error upload services
ExeFS Executable File System
Falcon A microprocessor used in various Tegra specific engines like TSEC, NVDEC, VIC, etc. See the manual for more information.
Flog NES Golf, spelled backwards
GMMU Graphics Memory Management Unit
GRC Game Recording services
HID Human Interface Device services
Homebrew ABI Homebrew Application Binary Interface
HOVI HOrizon/nVIdia The NVidia/Nintendo team codename that works on the TSEC Firmware
IMKV IM Key Value databases found in FS and NCM savedata archives
INI1 Part of the Package2 section containing built-in system modules
IPC Marshalling Inter-Process Communication Marshalling
IRQ Interrupt Request
Jpegdec Refactored sysmodule for handling all JPEG decoding associated with capture services
LAN Adapter Local area network adapter
LDN Local device network services
Manu Manufacturing Services
NAX0 Nintendo AES XTS file system / file format Long form name is known as the Advanced Encryption Standard XEX-based tweaked-codebook mode with ciphertext stealing file system / file format
NCA Nintendo Content Archive
NSP Nintendo Submission Package
NCM Nintendo Content Management services
NIM Network Install Manager services
NPDM Nintendo Program Descriptor Metadata
NRO Nintendo Relocatable Object
NSO Main executable format
NS Nintendo Shell services
NV Customized NVIDIA driver
Nvnflinger Responsible for mediating the communication between vi and nvservices.
OMM Operation Mode Manager, responsible for arbitrating the operation changes between docked and handheld modes See AM Services for more information.
PCIe Peripheral Component Interconnect Express services
PCV Power Control / Voltage services
PK11 Encrypted binary stored in Package1.
PK21 Contains the Switch kernel and the built-in system modules
PMC Power Management Controller
SD File System Secure Digital File System
Secmon Secure Monitor
Secure RNG Also known as the SPL Services
Services API Services application programming interface
SMC Secure Monitor Calls
SPL Secure Platform Services
SSL Secure Sockets Layer services
SVC Supervisor Call instruction
TMA Target Manager
TSEC Tegra Security Co-processor
Ukyo Internal name for the Joy-Con firmware.
XCI Nintendo Switch Gamecard Format