GPU Texture Formats

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Texture Formats

Value Format
0x01 R32_G32_B32_A32
0x02 R32_G32_B32
0x03 R16_G16_B16_A16
0x04 R32_G32
0x05 R32_B24G8
0x06 ETC2_RGB
0x07 X8B8G8R8
0x08 A8B8G8R8
0x09 A2B10G10R10
0x0b ETC2_RGBA
0x0c R16_G16
0x0d G8R24
0x0e G24R8
0x0f R32
0x10 BC6H_SF16
0x11 BC6H_UF16
0x12 A4B4G4R4
0x13 A5B5G5R1
0x14 A1B5G5R5
0x15 B5G6R5
0x16 B6G5R5
0x17 BC7U
0x18 G8R8
0x19 EAC
0x1a EACX2
0x1b R16
0x1c Y8_VIDEO
0x1d R8
0x1e G4R4
0x1f R1
0x21 BF10GF11RF11
0x22 G8B8G8R8
0x23 B8G8R8G8
0x24 DXT1 (a.k.a. BC1)
0x25 DXT23 (a.k.a. BC2)
0x26 DXT45 (a.k.a. BC3)
0x27 DXN1
0x28 DXN2
0x29 Z24S8
0x2a X8Z24
0x2b S8Z24
0x2c X4V4Z24__COV4R4V
0x2d X4V4Z24__COV8R8V
0x2e V8Z24__COV4R12V
0x2f ZF32
0x30 ZF32_X24S8
0x31 X8Z24_X20V4S8__COV4R4V
0x32 X8Z24_X20V4S8__COV8R8V
0x33 ZF32_X20V4X8__COV4R4V
0x34 ZF32_X20V4X8__COV8R8V
0x35 ZF32_X20V4S8__COV4R4V
0x36 ZF32_X20V4S8__COV8R8V
0x37 X8Z24_X16V8S8__COV4R12V
0x38 ZF32_X16V8X8__COV4R12V
0x39 ZF32_X16V8S8__COV4R12V
0x3a Z16
0x3b V8Z24__COV8R24V
0x3c X8Z24_X16V8S8__COV8R24V
0x3d ZF32_X16V8X8__COV8R24V
0x3e ZF32_X16V8S8__COV8R24V
0x40 ASTC_2D_4X4
0x41 ASTC_2D_5X5
0x42 ASTC_2D_6X6
0x44 ASTC_2D_8X8
0x45 ASTC_2D_10X10
0x46 ASTC_2D_12X12
0x50 ASTC_2D_5X4
0x51 ASTC_2D_6X5
0x52 ASTC_2D_8X6
0x53 ASTC_2D_10X8
0x54 ASTC_2D_12X10
0x55 ASTC_2D_8X5
0x56 ASTC_2D_10X5
0x57 ASTC_2D_10X6


Adapted from EnvyTools documentation: [1]