Cabinet Applet

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This is the cabinet (amiibo) applet. See AM_services#Library_Applets.

Library Applet Versions

System Version Value
[1.0.0+] 0x1


This is "nn::nfp::AmiiboSettingsStartParam".

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x8
0x8 0x20
0x28 0x1


This is "nn::nfp::StartParamForAmiiboSettings". This struct is 0x1A8-bytes.

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x1 Left at value 0 by sdknso.
0x1 0x1 Type
0x2 0x1 Flags
0x3 0x1 #AmiiboSettingsStartParam+0x28
0x4 0x8 #AmiiboSettingsStartParam+0x0
0xC 0x58 nn::nfp::TagInfo, only enabled when flags bit1 is set. If enabled, this must match the scanned amiibo.
0x64 0x100 nn::nfp::RegisterInfo, only enabled when flags bit2 is set.
0x164 0x20 #StartParamForAmiiboSettings+0x8
0x184 0x24 Left at all-zero by sdknso.


  • 0 StartNicknameAndOwnerSettings If RegisterInfo is enabled, this will be used for writing, with an option for the user to change it.
  • 1 StartGameDataEraser
  • 2 StartRestorer
  • 3 StartFormatter


This is "nn::nfp::ReturnValueForAmiiboSettings". This struct is 0x188-bytes.

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x1 Flags. 0 = error, non-zero = success.
0x1 0x3 Padding
0x4 0x8 nn::nfp::DeviceHandle
0xC 0x58 nn::nfp::TagInfo
0x64 0x100 nn::nfp::RegisterInfo, only available when flags bit2 is set.
0x164 0x24 Ignored by sdknso.


User-processes should push a common arguments struct as well as the #StartParamForAmiiboSettings struct. Once the applet finishes running successfully, it will return an output storage containing a #ReturnValueForAmiiboSettings. sdknso doesn't validate the storage size, an error is thrown if #ReturnValueForAmiiboSettings+0x0 is 0.