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The Switch 3.0.2 system update was released on September 5, 2017. This Switch update was released for the following regions: ALL.

Security flaws fixed: <fill this in manually later, see the updatedetails page from the ninupdates-report page(s) once available for now>.


Official ALL change-log:

  • Nintendo Switch Online
    • Added online play in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru. This is currently available for free until the paid online service launches in 2018.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience

System Titles

<fill this in (manually) later>



The only change under RomFS "/nx/" was package2. Filesize is same as before.

Kernel was updated. FIRM-sysmodules were not updated.


The 0100000000000823 title was updated, the following was updated in RomFS:

  • /ac_0_not_b_nx
  • /ac_1_not_b_nx
  • /ac_2_not_b_nx
  • /ac_3_b1_nx
  • /ac_3_b2_nx
  • /ac_3_not_b_nx

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