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Prior to v3.0, with the atumn and sun [[domains]] blocked, the system could be used with online services on non-latest system-versions fine. As of roughly the day following the release of v3.0 however, the system being on >=v3.0 is now enforced via an account-related [[Domains|domain]]. This affects everything using Nintendo-accounts, regardless of whether the current user has one linked or not.
This also affects launching the WifiWebAuthApplet on pre-v3.0. Error 2110-3400 is thrown while eShop is loading, with the conntest domain setup to trigger the web-applet(originally launching eShop could be used for triggering the WifiWebAuthApplet). This same error is thrown when When attempting to connect to wifi from System Settings, on retry it will display the "Registration required ..." message then display a separate sysupdate-required message(different from the error message). With the dauth [[Domains|domain]] blocked, eShop has the same failure, however System Settings will launch the web-applet after it displays the "Registration required..." message when connecting to wifi.

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