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= Album Local Sharing =
[[11.0.0]] added a "Send to Smartphone" feature. This uses local-WLAN to communicate with the device, via [[LDN_services|lp2p:sys]]. The [[LDN_services|GroupInfo]] is setup with the following (created with the defaults first):
* MemberCountMax = 1
* PresharedKey* is initialized.
* +0x82 = 3
* The SSID is initialized. The SSID starts with "switch_".
* The Flags at +0x3F are set to count=1 entry[0]=0.
* PerformanceRequirement = 2
* LocalCommunicationId = {PhotoViewer ProgramId}
* Priority = 55
The above GroupInfo is passed to cmd CreateGroup. Only the following lp2p cmds are used:
* INetworkService: CreateGroup, DestroyGroup.
* INetworkServiceMonitor: GetNetworkInterfaceLastError, GetGroupInfo, GetIpConfig, GetMembers.
The actual communication with the device uses a HTTP web-server.
Album displays two QR-codes:
* The first one is for connecting the device to the network.
* Once a device connects to the network, it displays another QR-code:
* It then displays a QR code for URL: "<nowiki>http://{</nowiki>[[LDN_services#GetIpConfig|IP address]]}/index.html".
[[Category:Library Applets]]

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