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| 200 || CalculateUserSaveDataStatistics
| 201 || [[#DeleteUserSaveDataAll]]
| 210 || [[#DeleteUserSystemSaveData]]
Then if the above succeeds, the above titles are launched with the above StorageId via [[Process_Manager_services|pmshell]] LaunchProgram, with a 0.5s sleep-thread afterwards on success.
==== DeleteUserSaveDataAll ====
Takes an input [[Account_services#Uid|Uid]], returns an output [[#IProgressMonitorForDeleteUserSaveDataAll]].
On success, [[#IProgressMonitorForDeleteUserSaveDataAll]] GetProgress is used with the output being copied into object state.
==== DeleteUserSystemSaveData ====
| 10 || GetProgress
When closing the object, official sw uses IsFinished first, asserting when the output bool is false.
* GetSystemEvent: No input, returns an output handle.
* IsFinished: No input, returns an output u8 bool.
* GetResult: No input/output.
* GetProgress: No input, returns an output 0x28-byte struct. Official sw writes this struct directly to object state.
=== IProgressAsyncResult ===

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