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| 2018 || [5.0.0+] [[#GetApplicationDeliveryInfoHash]]
| 2050 || [6.0.0+] [[#GetApplicationRightsOnClient]]
| 2051 || [9.0.0+] InvalidateRightsIdCache
This extracts data from the input array for hashing with SHA256, with validation being done when handling each entry.
==== GetApplicationRightsOnClient ====
Takes a type-0x6 output buffer containing an array of {0x20-bytes struct}, an input u32 flags, an [[NCM_services#ApplicationId|ApplicationId]], an [[Account_services#Uid|Uid]], returns 4-bytes of output for total output entries.
Official sw has at least two wrappers which use this cmd: one with an all-zero Uid, one with an user-specified Uid. With both of these, the passed flags are hard-coded to value 0x3.
[[qlaunch]] only uses +0x18/+0x19 in the array struct, which are flags. +0x18: bit0-bit4 and bit7. +0x19: bit0.
==== GetApplicationTerminateResult ====

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