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| 0x5 || 0x1 || Padding
| 0x6 || 0x2 || u16 size0meta_size. Must be <=0x1000.
| 0x8 || 0x8 || s64 size1data_size. Must not be negative. During message-specific handling with request/reply this must also match the expected value (except for ID 0x0 which is ignored in this case).
After the header is the associated data for size0 meta_size and size1data_size. The functions which generate the header always leave size0 meta_size at value 0, when receiving the data for size0 meta_size the received data is unused.
The first message used by the client with SystemUpdate is ID 0x1.
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! ID || Request size1 data_size / data || Reply size1 data_size / data || Description
| 0x0 || 0x0 || 0x0 || Tells the server to exit. When handling this the handler func will immediately return 0, without sending a reply.

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