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NS Services

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| u8 "installedStorage" / [[Filesystem_servicesNCM_services#StorageId|StorageId]] (String is from web-applet)
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==== RequestReceiveApplication ====
Takes a type-0x5 input buffer containing an array of [[NCM_services#ContentMetaKey|ContentMetaKey]], an u8 <code>nn::ncm::a [[NCM_services#StorageId</code>|StorageId]], an u16 port, an u32 Ipv4Address, an u64 <code>nn::ncm::ApplicationId</code>, returns an output Event handle and an [[#IAsyncResult]].
[[qlaunch]] uses value 6 Any for the StorageId, and value 55556 for the port.
An error is thrown if a state flag is not set. An error is thrown if [[NIM_services|nim]] ListApplicationApplyDeltaTask returns a task.
This command is not available for retail units. On a debug unit, if the [[System_Settings|system setting]] <code>vulnerability!enable_debug</code> is set, this mounts the system savegame [[Flash_Filesystem#System_Savegames|0x8000000000000049]] as "ns_ssversion:/", opens the file "ns_ssversion:/entry" and writes the supplied '''titleID''' and '''version''' in it.
Finally, it calls [[NCM_services#ncm|OpenContentMetaDatabase]] with [[Filesystem_servicesNCM_services#StorageId|StorageIDStorageId]] 3, then calls [[NCM_services#IContentMetaDatabase|GetLatestContentMetaKey]] with the supplied '''titleID''' and compares the version field from the returned [[CNMT#Content_Meta_Records|Content Meta Record]] with the supplied '''version'''.
If the supplied '''version''' is higher than the one in NCM's database, the value returned by [[NS_Services#NeedsUpdateVulnerability|NeedsUpdateVulnerability]] is set to "true".

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