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Content can be transferred with a custom protocol over the network. This is intended for use with local [[LDN_services|ldn]] networks, however the used IP addresses can be arbitary. This can be used for SystemUpdates via the above Send/Receive commands (which are then used via [[NS_Services#ns:su|ns:su]]). Application content can also be transferred, which uses a similar (?) protocol.
Task [[#Cmd69|creation]] for Receive will eventually use the input addr/port with [[Sockets_services|connect()]], while the Send [[#Cmd76|version ]] will eventually do the same with [[Sockets_services|bind()]]. Hence, Receive system = client, while Send system = server. The Receive async [[#Cmd72|thread]] does the following:* Sets the <code>nn::fs::PriorityRaw</code> using a value loaded from state.* Calls a func.* Signals the async Event and returns.** That func does:** ... The Send async [[#Cmd77|thread]] does the following:* This is identical to the Receive thread except the called func is different.** That func does:** ...
Messages (requests/replies) begin with the following 0x10-byte header, then any associated data.

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