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| 0x1 || 0x0 || SystemUpdate Meta [[#Cmd69|ContentMetaKey]] || 0x0 || 0x38-bytes, unknown. || This is the first message used by SystemUpdate.
| 0x3 || 0x0 || 0x10-bytes, unknownbyte input for [[ETicket_services|es]] GetCommonTicketAndCertificateSize/GetCommonTicketAndCertificateData. || 0x0 || 0x8-bytes: two size u32s. Then two blocks of data with the sizes specified by the u32s. The server loads the sizes and data from [[ETicket_services|es]] GetCommonTicketAndCertificateSize/GetCommonTicketAndCertificateData. || This is presumably used by the client for Application-Delivery. The two blocks of data are used as the buffers for [[ETicket_services|es]] ImportTicketby the client.

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