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There's a common config title (*818), and a config title for each [[SPL_services|HardwareType]].
See [5.0.0+] New config fields were added to the HardwareType-specific config: * "systeminitializer!eks_enabled" 1 for non-Mariko, 0 otherwise.* "systeminitializer!bct_eks_offset" Offset within the [[BCTSystem_Settings]] where the [[Flash_Filesystem|keyblob]]/"EKS" is stored.* "systeminitializer!bct_version_offset" Offset within the [[BCT]] where the keyblob version is stored (bootloader0_info.version).* "systeminitializer!boot_image_update_type" 0 for non-Mariko, 1 otherwise. "bct_eks_offset" and "bct_version_offset" are only present in non-Mariko config, since (?) Mariko "eks_enabled" is 0. This presumably means the [[Flash_Filesystem|keyblob]]/"EKS" is not embedded in [[BCT]] with Mariko?

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