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Seems to be unused by official user processes, [[#CompleteOffscreenRecordingFinishEx0]] is used instead.
The input buffer contains the optional ApplicationData for the JPEG thumbnail, size must be <=0x400.
The recorded video will not be accessible via the Album-applet since it's stored separately from other Album data.
== CompleteOffscreenRecordingFinishEx0 ==
Takes two input s32s '''width'''/'''height''', an input u64 '''LayerHandle''' and 2 type-0x5 input buffers, no output.
The input buffers are optional, addr=NULL and size=0 can be used for these. The first buffer is for [[#CompleteOffscreenRecordingFinish|ApplicationData]], the second buffer buffer contains the RGBA8 image thumbnail.
'''width'''/'''height''' must be 1280x720, these fields are unused afterwards.
Takes two input s32s '''width'''/'''height''', an input u64 '''LayerHandle''' and two type-0x5 input buffers, returns an output [[Capture_services|ApplicationAlbumEntry]].
Same as [[#CompleteOffscreenRecordingFinishEx0]] except the output struct is returned in the cmdreply. Official sw copies the output struct into a "nn::album::AlbumFileEntry".
== GetOffscreenLayerError ==

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