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Add result code information for svcSetMemoryPermission.
This can be used to move back and forth between ---, r-- and rw-.
=== Result codes ===
'''0x0:''' Success. The memory region was reprotected.
'''0xCC01:''' Unaligned address specified.
'''0xCA01:''' Unaligned or zero size specified.
'''0xD401:''' The provided memory region does not fall within the userland address space.
'''0xD801:''' Invalid permission specified. Valid permissions are ---, r-- and rw-.
'''0xD401:''' The provided memory region was in an invalid state. The region must have the PermissionChangeAllowed state, and must not be Borrowed or Uncached.
'''0xCE01:''' Kernel resource exhausted.
== svcSetMemoryAttribute ==


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