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Add result code documentation for svcSetHeapSize.
Size must be a multiple of 0x200000 (2MB).
On success, the heap base-address (which is fixed by kernel, aslr'd, and always in the Heap memory region) is written to OutAddr.
Uses current process pool partition. The memory allocated counts towards the caller's process Memory ResourceLimit.
[2.0.0+] Size must be less than or equal to 4GB.
=== Result codes ===
'''0x0:''' Success.
'''0xCA01:''' Invalid size passed. It's either bigger than 4GB, or misaligned.
'''0xD001:''' Size is bigger than the Heap Region size.
'''0xCE01:''' KMemoryBlockAllocator slab allocator exhausted.
'''0xD401:''' The memory region is in an invalid state. Likely because a mapping was made in the heap region.
'''0x10801:''' Memory resource limit reached.
== svcSetMemoryPermission ==


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