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| 100 || [[#PopFloatingApplicationForDevelopment]] ||
[[#CreateApplication]]/[[#CreateSystemApplication]] eventually call the same internal func. With [[#CreateApplication]], two ptrs passed to the internal func are NULL, while with [[#CreateSystemApplication]] these are loaded from state. The initial content of [[#ApplicationLaunchRequestInfo]] is all-zero with [[#CreateSystemApplication]], while with [[#CreateApplication]] the first two u32s are value 0x3 with the rest all-zero. The [[#AppletId]] is set to 0x01 with [[#CreateApplication]], while with [[#CreateSystemApplication]] it's 0x04.
==== CreateApplication ====
Takes a type-0x6 output buffer.
The output buffer size must be at least 0x10-bytes. Returns an error when the [[#AppletId]] is 0x04 (starter), aka when the IApplicationAccessor is for a SystemApplication.
This gets the [[#ApplicationLaunchProperty]].
Takes a type-0x5 input buffer containing a string, returns an output u64 titleID.
Gets the application titleID for the specified ContentActionName string. Returns an error when the current [[#AppletId]] isn't 0x04 (starterwhen the current applet isn't a SystemApplication).
=== SetCpuBoostMode ===
| 0x04
| 0100000000001012
| "starter"SystemApplication.
| 0x0A
! Offset || Size || Description
| 0x0 || 0x4 || Unknown. 0x0 with [[#CreateSystemApplication]], 0x3 with [[#CreateApplication]].
| 0x4 || 0x4 || Unknown. 0x0 with [[#CreateSystemApplication]], 0x3 with [[#CreateApplication]].
| 0x8 || 0x8 || Unknown. The default is 0.

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