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| 20 || [[#SetThumbnailRgba]]
Album uses [[Applet_Manager_services#CreateGameMovieTrimmer|CreateGameMovieTrimmer]], and retries using the cmd in a loop on error 0x8D4 with svcSleepThread(100000000) being used first. Then all 4 of these commands are used in that same func: [[#SetThumbnailRgba]] if the input buffer is set, [[#GetNotTrimmingEvent]], [[#BeginTrim]], waits on the event, then [[#EndTrim]] and cleanup.
=== BeginTrim ===
=== GetNotTrimmingEvent ===
No input, returns an output Event handlewith autoclear=false.
=== SetThumbnailRgba ===
Takes a type-0x45 input buffer, a s32'''width''', and a s32'''height''', no output.
= grc:d =

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