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→‎System Titles: f i r m w a r e (rip)
* General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.
package1ldr was updated. The TSEC secureboot firmware was updated.
NX bootloader was updated.
<check back later for diff>
====Secure Monitor====
The Secure Monitor was updated.
<check back later for diff>
<check back later for diff>
<check back later for diff>
====FIRM Sysmodules====
FIRM sysmodules were updated. Specific diffs for a few sysmodules are below <check back later, to be updated>:
=====[[Loader services|Loader]]=====
*ldr:pm->CreateProcess() now performs additional validation on the NPDM header.
** When the title id is one of certain hardcoded titles, Loader now validates that the version field at NPDM header is non-zero. This prevents selectively downgrading those titles to versions vulnerable to known exploits.
** The titles checked are:
*** settings
*** bus
*** audio
*** nvservices
*** ns
*** ssl
*** es
*** creport
*** ro
==System Titles==
<fill this in (manually) later>
No changes with IPC service commands.

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