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USB services

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==== GetXferReport ====
Takes an input u32 and a type-0x6 ([3.0.0+] type-0x22) output buffer, returns an output u32 '''count'''.
The input u32 specifies the total number of entries to read, this must fit within the specified buffer size. The output u32 is the total actual output entries.
Unofficial name.
Takes 3 input u32s ('''urbCount''', '''unk1''', and '''unk2'''), an input u64 '''buffer''' and u64 '''unk''', and a type-0x5 ([3.0.0+] type-0x21) input buffer, returns an output u32 '''xferId'''.
Where '''unk''' is the same as [[#PostBufferAsync_2|#PostBufferAsync]].

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