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This is the Parental Controls authentication applet. This applet is used by [[qlaunch]].
See [[AM_services#Library_Applets]].
* 0x0 <code>ShowParentalAuthentication</code>: With the <code>(bool)</code> func, arg0 is set to the input bool, with the rest set to zero. false = temporarily disable Parental Controls. true = validate the input PIN.** With the other func available with [4.0.0+], 3 u8s from the input struct are copied to the u8 arg fields. The <code>ShowAuthenticatorForConfiguration</code> wrapper func for this passes the following arg* values: 1, 0, 1. This is for checking the PIN, used when changing system-settings.* 0x1 <code>RegisterParentalPasscode</code>: arg* fields are all-zero. This is for registering the Parental Controls PIN.* 0x2 <code>ChangeParentalPasscode</code>: arg* fields are all-zero. This is for changing the Parental Controls PIN. If non-Register is used where a PIN is not already registered, the applet will throw a fatalerr once the user finishes entering the PIN (unknown for <code>ShowAuthenticatorForConfiguration</code>).
== Usage ==

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