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* Resolved an issue where certain games don’t recognize a Nintendo Switch Online membership for a short time after purchase
==System Titles==<fill this in The following 8XX titles (manuallybesides 809 and 816) later>were updated:* 801 (ErrorMessage)* 803 (BrowserDll)** OSS files were updated.* 80B (LocalNews)* 818 (FirmwareDebugSettings)* 822 (ControllerFirmware)** Two new firmware files have been added: "PalmaFw.bin" (Poké Ball Plus controller) and "ProController.dfu" (USB Pro Controller).* 826 (RebootlessSystemUpdateVersion)** Version number was bumped to 3.
=== [[Internet Browser]] ===
The following changed for All web-applettitles were updated:* 100A (web)* 100B (shop)* 100F (offlineWeb)* 1010 (loginShare)* 1011 (wifiWebAuth)
While OSS was updated, nothing Nothing changed in the main-codebin codebins besides a version string and the codebin-buildid. OSS was updated and a WebKit vulnerability was patched (see [[Switch_Userland_Flaws|here]]).
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