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| 8 || [[#GetApplicationPid]]
| 9 || [4.0.0+] [[#BoostSystemMemoryResourceLimit]]
== GetApplicationPid ==
Loops through the internal linked-list of processes, looks for mask 0x40 set in process flags. Returns pid of first such entry.
== BoostSystemMemoryResourceLimit ==
Takes an u64 '''mem_size''' as input. If the desired memory size doesn't exceed an internal limit (imposed by PM by looking at the [[SPL_services#MemoryArrange|MemoryArrange]] ConfigItem), PM calls svcSetResourceLimitLimitValue to set the new [[SVC#LimitableResource|LimitableResource_Memory]] value.
This is used directly by [[NS_Services#IApplicationManagerInterface|ns:am2 BoostSystemMemoryResourceLimit]].

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