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better SMC change description
* Physical layout in TZRAM changed significantly, with pk2ldr being in low TZRAM instead of high TZRAM.
In addition, there were changes to the [[SMC ]] interface:
* smcLoadSecureExpModKey /smcLoadRsaOaepKey/smcDecryptRsaPrivateKey no longer existsexist.* smcLoadRsaOaepKey has been was replaced with smcEncryptRsaPrivateKeyForImport.* smcDecryptRsaPrivateKey was replaced with smcDecryptOrImportRsaPrivateKey.** All keys which were previously imported with specific keys now first call smcEncryptRsaPrivateKeyForImport with the appopriate enum member to get a new SMC (0xC300D60C) that loads two keys into TrustZonesealed copy of the RSA key, then smcDecryptOrImportRsaPrivateKey to import/unseal the key when needed.
* smcGetConfig was extended with two new config items:
* -GetConfig(16) now does the following, which seems to check whether the Switch is running on a Tegra 210:

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