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I was thinking that the default MediaWiki theme skin was a little bit boring so, i have made this awesome blue theme skin for it.
==Download (Stylish extention)==
[ Blue style for on]
===V Version 0.1.23===
* Add blue everywhere.
* Add new svg logo.
* Customized usermenu and navigation bar.
===V Version 0.1.34===
* Remove white bar on some pages.
===Version 0.2.0===
* Balanced colors (Maybe Navigation menu is too dark ?).
* Rounded menus (footer and content zone).
* Add margin right from content.
* Tab spacers update (2 px with css linear-gradient instead of crappy img).
* Remove useless -1px top margin from content and remove border from top instead).
* Fix some issues with "More" tab.
==Future relases==
* Make animated version of background with waves.
* So few four version of this theme skin will be avalible :** Animated waves themeskin.** Static waves themeskin.** Simple blue themeskin.** MediaWiki default theme.* Balanced colorsskin.
* Rounded tabs.
* Optimize search bar.
* And many new things.
To admin, if this This skin is not allowed, my apologies for that, you can delete itcompatible with it's allowed, you can delete this note.PS : I will made a full theme skin that will be necessary to include into website, how can i write to you admins for website updatesupdate.


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