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"nn::settings::Language" is basically array indices in the output array from GetAvailableLanguageCodes.
[4.0.0+] Official user-processes now use GetAvailableLanguageCodes2/GetAvailableLanguageCodeCount2 instead of {original commands}.
In official user-processes in the Language->LanguageCode conversion function:
* During one-time init, GetAvailableLanguageCodes is used to initialize the LanguageCodes array cache, with max_entries=0xF (buffer size in u64s). [4.0.0+] GetAvailableLanguageCodes2 is now used with max_entries 0x40.
* [4.0.0+] When the input Language is larger than the cached total_entries from the above command output, or Language is negative, command MakeLanguageCode is used instead of the array.
== LanguageCode ==

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