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| 56 || [[Flash_Filesystem#PRODINFOF|GetWirelessCertification]]
| 62 || GetDebugMode
| 68 || GetSerialNumber
The outbuf_size is compared with the config_size. When config_size is larger than outbuf_size, outbuf_size is used for the memcpy, otherwise config_size is used. Afterwards the size used for the memcpy is written to output(see above).
If loading from main config fails, it will also attempt to load config from various state if the input strings match hard-coded strings.
== GetSystemVersion ==
Then the above 0x100-byte data is copied to the output buffer.
== GetDebugMode ==
Returns an output u8.
Loads the 1-byte config for <"settings_debug", "is_debug_mode_enabled">. If that fails, value 0x1 is written to output. This uses the same func as ReadSetting internally.
Returned retval is always 0.
== GetSerialNumber ==

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